Updated 8/7/2020

Dear Members,

We hope you are well and looking forward to the fall season.  Please read the attached updated ‘safety protocols and guidelines’ that our COO, Chad Metzler, and staff have worked on.  The ‘Game On’ guidelines will set specific expectations for our fall season and playing soccer.  During these times, it’s very important for our players, parents and coaches to understand that WE all take the responsibility for our safety.  Staff are fully aware that they have the support of the club to miss training sessions games if they are not feeling well and then follow our protocols. We have them covered.   This is important.  Players and Parents – please hear this loud and clear.  It is absolutely ok to miss soccer training and/or games if you are sick.  There are no consequences.  We must all take responsibility for safety of our teammates and playing environment.  If we work together, this will work, if we are selfish and don’t report being sick, we will place others at risk.  Together we can make a safe playing environment.  Please take the time to read the booklet, take the pledge, sign the waiver and then…..Game On!

Need to reach out to our official Novant Trainer about COVID-19 related issues? Contact Kendall D'India at kmdindia@novanthealth.org or in her office at 704-316-5096. 


Enjoy the season and see you on the fields. 

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