Updated August 8, 2021; 12:00 pm EST

  • Players, coaches and spectators are not required to wear masks at the field. Coaches are encouraged to keep the players on the sideline properly distanced. Benches will not be used on sideline. 
  • Players and coaches who are diagnosed with COVID and players and coaches who are exposed to COVID-positive individuals (within 6 feet for 15 or more minutes) must report to Head Athletic Trainer, Kendall D'India (kmdindia@novanthealth.org). Players and coaches will be then be given instructions on quarantines and/or testing requirement.

Updated March 19th, 2021; 12:00 pm EST

  • Masks are required for all training and matches in NC until further notice As the governor of NC has recently extended his executive order including the mask mandate. All players and coaches will be required to have a mask on during any training and/or match that takes place in the state of North Carolina. Players who have a documented medical exemption will be allowed to participate without a mask, but must wear one while off the field of play (before, after, and while standing as a substitute on the sideline). 
    • Our club is obligated to follow the mandates and guidance set forth by each state and local government (including the state department of health). Because of this, players in South Carolina will not be required to participate in training and matches with masks on, based on the SC mandates and guidelines. These players will still be required, however, to wear masks while not on the field. Coaches and spectators must wear masks at all times. 
  • We will no longer be taking temperatures at the fields. Based on guidance from Novant, our official health care provider, we will no longer be taking temperatures at the fields. In cold weather, the thermometers are unreliable and often do not work. We do ask that parents take their players’ temperatures at home before sending them to the field. As is always the case, do not send your player to training or a match if they have a fever of 100 degrees or more, or any COVID symptoms (Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea).
  • Players/Coaches who are quarantined will require a medical release to return to the field. Players and coaches who test positive for COVID or are exposed to anyone who is positive with COVID are required to be quarantined and to report this to our Head Athletic Trainer Kendall D’India (kmdindia@novanthealth.org). Players and coaches will now need to receive medical clearance before returning to trainings or matches. Kendall will provide guidance on this process if/when a player or coach reports a positive test or positive exposure. Coaches will require this release before allowing a player to again participate. 

We are looking forward to getting back out on the fields and want to thank everyone for their continued support and enthusiasm towards Charlotte Independence Soccer Club.


Thank you,

Updated December1st, 2020; 5:00pm EST



We have some important updates to our COVID protocols. As many are aware, COVID numbers throughout the country are rising. And in North Carolina, the governor has issued a new executive order on  that deals specifically with face coverings. While many of our teams have completed their 2020 Fall season, we still have a number of teams training and playing over the next few weeks. Additionally, we have a large number of players participating in winter training camps and/or Futsal leagues. 

It is our intention as an organization to fully comply with legal parameters set forth by the municipalities and governing bodies in which our members participate. Our club’s protocols and policies regarding COVID will be updated to reflect the regulations and guidance set by local and state governments, as well as our governing soccer bodies. Effective immediately, the following protocols will be put into place. 

In North Carolina:

  • All players must wear face coverings while training and playing, as well as during times before and after these events. Players with a documented medical exemption be excused from this mandate during strenuous activity. 
  • Coaches, staff and spectators must wear face coverings at all times while at the fields, regardless of their social distancing. 
  • All previous COVID protocols will remain in place such as temperature checks at the field, sideline social distancing, and reporting procedures.

In South Carolina: 

  • Players will not be required to wear face covering during actual activity such as training and in matches but will be required to wear them at all times when not on the field. 
  • Coaches, staff and spectators must wear face coverings at all times while at the fields, regardless of their social distancing.  This is part of the Independence protocols.
  • All previous COVID protocols will remain in place such as temperature checks at the field, sideline social distancing, and reporting procedures.

For Futsal:

  • Participants must wear face coverings while in the gym. Players with a documented medical exemption will be excused from this mandate during strenuous activity. 
  • Parents and spectators are not permitted to enter the gym. Only coaches, staff and players are permitted inside. 
  • All previous COVID protocols will remain in place such as temperature checks at the field, sideline social distancing, and reporting procedures.

If players are having difficulty breathing at any time during strenuous activity, they should remove their mask immediately. Our players health and safety is of the utmost importance. Coaches will be instructed to reiterate this fact with all players on an ongoing basis. If a player is seen to be having difficulty breathing they will be removed from the activity immediately, distanced from other players and assisted by a coach and/or medical staff. 

At the end of the day, we recognize that it is every parent’s right and responsibility to make the proper decisions for their children. Participation under these protocols are YOUR decision. But all coaches, players and parents must abide by these protocols to continue to participate at this time. If you do not feel comfortable with these protocols please communicate with your coach as soon as possible, out of respect to your teammates. Any member who chooses not to participate at this time will not be penalized in any way.

We thank everyone for their understanding and ongoing support during this difficult time. And we all look forward to the future where these protocols will no longer be necessary. 

Thank you.


Updated 8/7/2020

Dear Members,

We hope you are well and looking forward to the fall season.  Please read the attached updated ‘safety protocols and guidelines’ that our COO, Chad Metzler, and staff have worked on.  The ‘Game On’ guidelines will set specific expectations for our fall season and playing soccer.  During these times, it’s very important for our players, parents and coaches to understand that WE all take the responsibility for our safety.  Staff are fully aware that they have the support of the club to miss training sessions games if they are not feeling well and then follow our protocols. We have them covered.   This is important.  Players and Parents – please hear this loud and clear.  It is absolutely ok to miss soccer training and/or games if you are sick.  There are no consequences.  We must all take responsibility for safety of our teammates and playing environment.  If we work together, this will work, if we are selfish and don’t report being sick, we will place others at risk.  Together we can make a safe playing environment.  Please take the time to read the booklet, take the pledge, sign the waiver and then…..Game On!

Need to reach out to our official Novant Trainer about COVID-19 related issues? Contact Kendall D'India at kmdindia@novanthealth.org or in her office at 704-316-5096. 


Enjoy the season and see you on the fields. 

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