We have developed a comprehensive training plan for the Fall 2019 season that takes into account the needs of every player and team, from our U5 recreational teams to our U19 USDA players aspiring to jump to the professional ranks. As we have moved forward in creating CISC, we have been very deliberate and thoughtful in incorporating the "best practices” that we have been able to consider from not only the three legacy organizations that have merged to create CISC, but also some of the top programs in the country and abroad. Our goal is to create an innovative and industry-leading soccer club, and that goal permeates aspect of our planning.

Training Philosophy

Please review the following points in regards to training: 

1) We always refer to it as training, not practice. Semantics? Yes, but the mindset is important. Every night we are on the field, we are trainingour players to be better than they were the week before. Training includes learning new technical and tactical concepts, not simply practicing what players already know. 

2) The training schedule is designed to MAXIMIZE field space for every team. We are incorporating a three-slot per night schedule to allow each team to have more space and equipment (goals, etc) to train properly. 

3) We look to utilize the best quality facilities. Our teams train on many of the top facilities in the area in terms playing surface. We have more synthetic turf fields available for training than any other club in NC or SC. And we are continuing to invest in the development of more. 

4) Every team, regardless of age, gender or playing level are given a high level of priority in terms of field scheduling. 

5) Some of our facilities will have athletic trainers on selected nights present. 

6) We will be implementing a consistent set of training standards for all teams to follow, including pre-training off-field warm up and post-training cool-down expectations, implementation of training methodology and curriculum and sideline organization. 

Observation Policy (CISC Competitive Team Training Sessions)

At Charlotte Independence Soccer Club, player development is centered on creating an environment where each player can accomplish their individual goals and we work hard to structure our training sessions in order to maximize the time we have with our players.  We believe that involving parents by communicating our goals and expectations contributes to the creation of a positive environment for children to develop, not only as soccer players, but as responsible individuals.   

With this in mind, we ask that parents and spectators refrain from accessing the grassy areas near the soccer fields and training areas prior to and during any of the times players are actively involved in training for the following reasons: 

  1. Risk Management, as an organization we need to first and foremost be able to identity adults on the soccer field and surrounding areas.  Coaching staff have designated apparel to wear for a reason.  All adults that are not part of coaching staff must observe the training session from the designated viewing area or parking lot.   

  1. Part of creating the ideal training environment is minimizing distractions for the coach and players.  It’s important to create a space where the coaching staff can fully focus on their players.  Utilizing the full space available, allowing the kids to take full responsibility for their training without the scrutiny of parents, and allowing creativity without fear of failure in front of an audience is important for the learning process. 

  1. Having a crowd gathered near the edge of the training area also creates potential for injury to spectators. We want to make sure that family members aren’t at risk of being hit by stray balls and creating a distance between training sessions and spectators helps minimize that risk.   

We encourage all parents to observe training sessions, just from a distance and in the appropriate designated areas.   

In instances when emergencies require a parent to access the field, common sense will always prevail.   

COMPETITIVE PLAYERS ACCESSING SOCCER FIELDS DURING PRACTICE: We ask that all CRSC competitive players walk around the outside of the soccer fields when arriving at their practice location.  This will cut back on traffic on certain areas of the fields, minimize disruption of the ongoing practices and help keep all of our players safe.

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