We are offering individual training as well as small-group training packaged into either 3 sessions or 6 sessions to make sure the player sees the most improvement possible. Prices listed below are per person and sessions must be completed within 3 months.


  Individual/Group Local Coach National Coach
3 Sessions Individual  $175.00 $275.00
2-3 Players $140.00 $225.00
4-5 Players $90.00 $175.00
6 Sessions Individual  $300.00 $480.00
2-3 Players $240.00 $390.00
4-5 Players $150.00 $300.00


PDC Staff Coaches will: 

Review each Player's Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Communicate directly with the Player’s Team Coach

Create an IDP-specific training plan

(if applicable) Access Team game video for further analysis

Provide feedback on the Player's IDP after each session

Provide progress updates to the Team Coach


What are National Programs vs Local Programs?

National Programs are the Pro Academy, ECNL, Futures & Select Programs within the club. Local programming are those that are based out of our local communities such as North Meck, Lake Norman, Cabarrus, Matthews, Gastonia, York County. Most of the Local teams have a color to identify them such as Blue, Tan, Navy, White, Grey, etc…

What is the difference between a National Level Coach & a Local Level Coach?

A national-level coach coaches on of our CISC National Program Teams (Pro Academy, ECNL & Futures). A local level coach works within our local communities (North Meck, Lake Norman, Cabarrus, Matthews, Gastonia, York County). All of our coaches are CISC approved & will provide a quality session for your child.

What level (national vs local) is an academy (U8-U12) player?

Players within the CISC Academy program would be considered part of our local programming. Those that are in Pre ECNL or Pre Academy would be part of our National Programming.

Do we have to choose the level coach our child plays at?

No, you may choose either level. If your child is in National Programming & would like to select a local coach, you may do that or a child in Local Programming may choose a National Level coach.

Do Charlotte Independence Pro players give sessions?

Yes, they will be listed under our Local Level Coaches.

Can I request a coach?

Yes, you may request a coach when you register for your sessions. We will do our best to match you up but can not guarantee it. This will also depend on the coach’s availability, location, etc…

For small group sessions, do I need to have my own group before registering?

Yes, this is for those players that already have a group of teammates/friends/family that they enjoy training with.

What if I would like to train in a small group but do not have one?

You can reach out to PDC@IndependenceSoccer.Club & ask to be put on a waitlist. This will be dependent on other requests, location, time, etc…

Is there an expiration date for the sessions?

Yes, your sessions expire 3 months after their purchase.

I’ve registered for the sessions, what happens next?

You will receive an email within the next 48 hours from our PDC staff to schedule your sessions. If you do not hear from us within that window, please send an email to PDC@IndependenceSoccer.Club.


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