Independence Select Futsal Training is a program for players who demonstrate a desire to advance their skills in the game of Futsal. Players will be evaluated, and then will receive an invitation to a training group with level-appropriate players. Within one week of receiving an invitation, we will build the training groups' practice schedule around outdoor teams' practice and games and the location of player groups. This is an instructional program designed to facilitate player development and understanding of the game of Futsal. Players will be placed in level-appropriate training groups and may be invited to move groups throughout the program as their ability and understanding grow.  Have questions about this program? Reach out to Pat White our Futsal Director. 



Langtree Charter School- Mooresville, NC


September 26th and October 3rd

(Day of schedule will be set out 1 week prior)

(Players must attend at least one day of evaluations)


12 Sessions between October 15th-January 30th

Friday and/or Sunday evenings

Training will be held at locations throughout the North and South

(May expand to other evenings in December and January)

(Players will receive a training schedule upon invitation to the program)

AGE GROUPS Training groups will be age-appropriate but may include appropriate combined age groups as it is based more on skill level than strict age groups

All players will participate in one CISC in-house tournament

(Select players may be invited to participate in one of the Select Futsal Team's Regional/National Tournaments based on performance)


$35 Evaluation Fee (waived for all CISC members)

$300 (Includes training top, 12 sessions, and in house tournament)


Interested in playing on one of our Select Futsal Teams?

Players selected to be on one of our Select Futsal teams compete in Regional and National tournaments if they qualify. More information is below; 

Program Info: Select futsal teams will begin team training on December 15 with the goal of participating in the USYF Southeastern Regional Championships in mid-January. 

Selection: Players may be invited on a rolling basis beginning in early November based on performance in the training program outlined above. The team selection will be completed by December 15th

Select Futsal Fee: Players participating in the Select Futsal program will be required to pay an additional $150 (due at the time of accepting an invitation). This fee will cover additional team training as well as registration and costs associated with the Regional Championships.

Alternates: Players may be invited to participate as a Select team alternate (fee of $100). Alternates will train with the team but no expectation of participating in the regional event is included in an alternate selection. If a player is asked to step in and participate in the regional event, they may do so at no additional fee. 

Nationals: Select teams who qualify for nationals will continue to train with the goal of preparing for and participating in the USYF Nationals in mid-February in Kansas City, Mo. Teams who qualify for futsal nationals will receive training at no extra fee but event registration fees, coaches’ travel expenses, and individual travel expenses will be required. 


Refund Policy

There is no financial aid available for this league. Each player must pay the league fee to participate. Refunds will not be issued, for any reason.


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