The Charlotte Independence Soccer Club believes that to effectively operate an organization it is important that we establish communication protocols that best support the efficiency of the organization while retaining the personal touch that our members deserve.

The below guidelines outline our communication protocols and expectations for all staff, players, parents and coaching staff.



  • The Board will promote and support the club protocol for the discussion and resolution of issues
  • We seek to provide a quick way of addressing concerns in a manner that is fair to the parents, coaches, directors, ED and others
  • Providing good communication to members is essential to our success
  • We will provide an atmosphere where concerns can be raised without concern of negative repercussions to a player or family


Any parent who has a specific concern should first attempt to solve it through the following path:

It is important that communication occur via direct face-to-face interaction, telephone, or email rather than using public forums such as group emails or social media. 

Communication Expectations between the Coach, Parent and Player | Read more on detailed circumstances and preferred methods Not sure who to contact with your issue? Click the button below to see our entire club's organizational chart. 


Parents are asked to observe the 24 hour rule. They are asked to refrain from contacting a coach or director with a soccer concern until a minimum of 24 hours after the last game.

All coaches and staff are expected to return all emails and calls from external sources within 48 hours (2 business days). This includes (but is not limited to) communications from parents, players, and staff from other clubs.

We encourage our staff to reply with a receipt email and a reply that captures " I need to look into this and I will get back to you with an answer by XXX." even if we are unable to answer the specific question at that time. 


All coaches and staff are expected to  return emails, calls and texts from internal sources within 48 hours (2 business days). This is a professional standard that must be maintained at all levels within the organization.

All coaches and staff are expected to communicate in a professional manner and follow the proper "chain of commands". Do not skip levels with concerns or questions.


All coaches are expected to maintain regular communications with their team's players and families. This includes logistical information as well as team and player feedback. It is up to each program director to clearly communicate to all coaches in their program the specific program expectations in terms of frequency and content (ie. Weekly wrap-up emails, monthly parent meetings, etc.)

Coaches may enlist TCs to help maintain the team's Team Snap account, but ultimately each team's Team Snap account and communications are the responsibility of the coach.

To see a full list of coach to player and parent communication expectations - please click here.  This document is part of the coaching staff agreement that all coaching staff sign off on.  If any parent feels this is not being adhered to please feel free to reach out to the coach or the program director with a 'gentle nudge' communication. 


Coaches and Directors are encouraged to take pictures to promote their teams and programs. All pictures and captions or stories should be sent to for posting on the official CISC social media accounts.

It is highly encouraged that all CISC content be initiated with CISC digital media with staff retweets and/or sharing posts that the club initiates with their support. 


In accordance with our Keep Us Safe policy, ALL staff are required and expected to follow the guidelines detailed and explained within the Keep Us Safe Policy.  Click here for the KUS Policy.   



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