CISC Community Engagement Program
Charlotte Independence Foundation - Our Mission

Promote the ideals of public service and social responsibility by fostering community-based opportunities for our club as staff, players and parents to come together as one for our community.

To provide our community with the opportunity to be able to participate in the game of soccer no matter of level or abilities.

Our Values

Integrity of every action
Engagement with the community requires that not only the process but also every action involved, be done with integrity. This includes the initial discussions, the development of a process, and its execution.

Involvement of the community in the process
The objective is to have a successful process, not just a process that goes through the motions. This means that the process must almost always be co?developed with the community. 

Long-term relationships
Any process should be built on the foundation of a larger, longer?term relationship between the sponsoring company and the community. The current engagement is only one part of that long?term relationship. 

Health of the community
The overall health of a community should be a goal of all leadership, in line with the adage: “Leave places better than you find them.” In addition, as a pragmatic matter, an organization’s ability to have a long?term relationship with a community is greatly enhanced if that community is healthy.


Increase the footprint of the club and promote the first team within North and South Carolina 

Talent identification of players that otherwise would not have had access to the club


Disability Sessions / Competitive Teams

  • Teams-Learning difficulties 
  • Blind / Deaf 
  • Powerchair (wheelchair) 
  • Cerebal Palsy 
  • Amputee 
  • Goalball

Participation v Competitive

  • Building a competitive calendar for those who need the challenge/desire the level of play.
    • i.e North v South, Special Olympics


  • We will coordinate and partner with organizations specializing in the above. Such as schools and charities as examples.
Clinics, Programs, & Camps

Clinics , programs (YDP) & Camps where players can attend Soccer with Charlotte Independence outside of the Travel club


  • One day events. Tailored to specific needs/organization

Player Development (YDP / EDP)

  • Age-specific programs for players who want to be a part of Charlotte Independence but unsure of commitment - access to higher-level Coaching, etc.

Inner-City Program

  • Inner-city/refugee programs can be included to help integrate people within their own community whilst also becoming more comfortable with American culture
Education and Engagement

The aim of the education and engagement program is to improve achievement, change behavior in order to increase attendance, by raising self-esteem and boosting confidence.

The club can also help people in the community learn skills to help them in their day to day life such as 

Minority Groups 

  • Specific sessions for underrepresented groups such as 
  • Women Only Sessions
  • Working with minority groups to be active i.e walking football 

Charity events 

  • The foundation can help raise awareness of charities volunteer at events.


  • Soccer sessions before, during (recess/lunch) and after school.
  • Can be extended to include multi-sports (dependent on the school's needs/requests).

Social / Life Skills

  • Sessions are connected to the wider benefits of sport such as teaching social skills, self-esteem, and teamwork. - bullied children / at risk of suspension

Special Programming

  • Pupils may receive a soccer session as a reward for good behavior or those who are going through personal difficulties can attend a Soccer practice to help them.

Individualized Teaching / Assisting

  • Children who may need more individual attention can go for one-to-one work with their reading, spelling or basic maths skills for example with a coach who can help take the workload off a teacher 

Benefits for the club/youth club include - Ticket give aways and Talent i.d

Our Team

Fil Wilkinson - North

Jay Lockhart - South

Desired Outcomes
  • Improve the awareness of the Charlotte Independence in North and South Carolina
  • Create a Foundation that connects the community to the club through access and presence 
  • Strengthen the player pathway for all players in the Charlotte area regardless of income, disability, race & gender
Resources Required
  • Facilities - Indoor & outdoor - Availability & Funds
  • Equipment - Modified 
  • Uniforms - Camps / clinics / programs - Teams 
  • Advertising - Sponsorship- Social Media - Word of mouth - Games


  • Club Staff - Parents - Players - College Players - Local organizations who require volunteer hours (church groups)

Incentives To Coach/Volunteer

  • Volunteer / Part-Time Coaches - Licenses paid for volunteer hours 
  • Parents money off fees.
  • Players - teams taken to charity events - perspective
What Difference can you Make?

As of 2015 14% of all people in South Carolina had a disability = approx (diagnosed) 70,000 disabled people (Cornell University 2015 Disability Report)

20% of children in North Carolina are living below the poverty line (

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