2021-2022 Uniform Information Coming Soon!

1) 2020-2021 Required Uniforms  

Players must have all required kit pieces including the new 3rd Navy kit pictured to the right. All jerseys, shorts, and socks must be acquired. These items are all found on soccer.com under the CISC team store and are listed as “required items”. National programs (Pro Academy, ECNL, Futures) also require rain jackets and warm-up pants as part of their kits. Some national programs may require additional items - these requirements are communicated by the program director.



2) Optional Items  

Many optional (recommended) items are available on the soccer.com team store and include jackets, pants, backpacks, etc. For National programs, many of these items are requirements but are covered in their membership dues. Although these items are optional for Non-National Programs, starting the 2020-2021 season, no legacy club attire can be worn to practices or games. This includes legacy club backpacks, jackets, etc. All shorts, socks, etc must be black Adidas, no exceptions. 


3) Field Requirements (black Adidas in cold weather, etc)  

Players must train in tan CISC training tops (navy for goalkeepers) black Adidas shorts and black Adidas socks. Please be aware that during cold weather players must wear approved black Adidas jackets if they want to wear something over their training top, see above for examples. Click on the link to the right to be taken to the team stores, please give time for stores to be updated for the new season's programs. 


4) Training Shirts  

Players must train in tan CISC training tops (navy for goalkeepers) black Adidas shorts and black Adidas socks. All players are given one tan training top at tryouts. Due to COVID-19 tan CISC training tops (navy for goalkeepers) will be purchased via Shopify.com and delivered to the player via the coach. Click the link to the right to order your training shirts. 

*Once you click on the link to the right and are taken to Shopify to order the practice shirts please put a player name, coach name, and team name in the instruction box in the cart. Failure to do this will result in longer wait times to organize the training shirts to the appropriate team. 

Training Shirts
5) Spirit Wear  

A wide variety of spirit wear is available on the team store for parents and players to purchase. Please click the link to be taken to the team store. 

6) Number Requests (none : )

Player numbers are assigned by the club. Requests are not taken. The number allotment is designed to minimize jersey number conflicts when players move between teams, guest play, double roster and club pass.

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