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Quite simply, “ONE CLUB ONE LOVE”, says the Charlotte Independence Soccer Club stands firmly against racism. Period. We respect all players, opponents, coaches, referees, and parents. We love and embrace our differences – our looks, accents, sensibilities, backgrounds, and beliefs. We believe these differences make us strong and the game “beautiful”. We believe in the power of inclusion and oneness to establish a safe and enjoyable environment where the player and character development can be amplified. While our LOVE for the game brings us together, we can only be successful if we play together as one team with one goal. We embody that.

  1. CISC will not tolerate or condone racist behavior of any kind -- in words or deeds -- and will respond to those being oppressed with empathy, compassion, understanding,and support.
  2. CISC will continually review our Human Resources practices and policies for hiring, training, and development to ensure the oneness we value is evidenced.
  3. CISC will communicate our One Club, One Love policies regarding no tolerance for racism to our participating leagues and opponents.
  1. CISC coaches will be trained on anti-racism, microaggressions, unconscious bias, and de-escalation in order to develop as individuals and also to be equipped to handle racist actions on and off the field.
  2. CISC coaches will champion the development of solidarity, teamwork, and compassion among their teams while emphasizing psychosocial skills, social awareness, confidence, empowerment, and self-esteem.
  1. Players will develop solidarity, teamwork, and compassion through their interactions with teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, and parents and in the process become more socially aware, confident, and empowered to demonstrate our club values of Character, Commitment, Community, Competition, Compassion, and Communication.
  2. Players will have voluntary opportunities to attend workshops and discussion groups related to lessons in solidarity, teamwork, empowerment, and compassion.
  1. Parents will be offered opportunities to learn about the club’s One Club, One Love initiative, and how lessons of solidarity, teamwork, empowerment, and compassion can enhance their child’s soccer development and experience.
  2. Parent sideline behavior is an important element in the club providing the best possible soccer environment. Parents are fully expected to follow and support the club’s Let Us Play and One Club, One Love gameplan.
  1. One Club, One Love gives all members the freedom to speak up, without fear of retribution. If in a game scenario, a parent (or player) witnesses or has been the recipient of racism, all are strongly encouraged to report it. If at all possible, the reporting chain should be: Head Coach → Referee → Opposing Coach.
  2. If a parent (or player) should witness racism outside of a game scenario (i.e. - at training), the same reporting guideline applies: Head Coach → Program Director. Please use the following email: OneClubOneLove@IndependenceSoccer.Club






Our Anti-Racism Task Force is an all-star team — comprised of a diverse group of professionals, from all walks and backgrounds — representing various industries, races, ethnic groups, geographic locations, and most importantly, thought.


Anti-Racism Task Force Members

Ron Bononno, Police Officer

Skye Eddy, Soccer Parenting

Ellen Fiori, CISC HR Director

Sandra Gaston, IT Management

James McCulloch, CISC Coach & Parent

Bradley Morrison, CISC Director of Coach Education

Keith Poston, CISC Director of Recreation

Cleveland Sellers, Consulting Executive

 Nathan Walzer, GK Director & Ist Team Coach

Mark W. Wright, Wright Creative Agency


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