The Charlotte Independence Soccer Club offers a Competitive Program option for each region of our club to serve our wide-ranging area. Each location offers its own Competitive Program, please check the menu for each locations information where you can find the appropriate contact for that area. If you are not sure about the service area you are located in, please click on our Zip Code Finder link to figure out which service location is best for you.

Program Overview

The goal of the Competitive program is to align and develop each player along with his or her own age, talent, and commitment level, to ensure a positive and fulfilling soccer experience, growing a love for the game and promoting player retention. Focus will shift from the more individual-focused development of the Youth Academy to a more individual and team focused on the development of the Competitive Programs. The Competitive Program is a step below our National Programs. Players that are not quite ready for a National Program level are given a chance to continue to develop while still in a competitive environment. Teams will compete in regional state leagues as well as tournaments.

  • 9 month season
  • 3 training sessions per week for Blue level teams
  • 2 training sessions per week with the 3rd session being an age group pool session for all other levels
  • Licensed Youth Coaches
  • GK training offered
  • Individual Development Plans
  • College recruiting support for Senior players


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