The Select Program (formerly NPL Program) is a bridge between the Local Competitive Programs and the ECNL Futures Programs at Charlotte Independence. Players who are part of the Select Program are rostered and participate on a Blue team, specific to their home location - this is the highest level of Local Competitive Programming. They train 3 nights per week with their local Blue level team and play in the state league with this team. Select players from the different locations will then come together once a week to train as the Select team as well as play in higher-level tournaments together throughout the season. 

Questions about joining the Select Program? For Senior Girls contact Adam at and for the Junior Girls contact Kalla Stark at          

Program Overview

The Select teams will compete in 4 tournaments throughout the year together. This is in addition to the matches and events that their Blue teams will compete in. This equates to 12-16 extra, higher-level matches throughout the year (August through May) and roughly 25-30 extra training sessions. We will also look to have the team train with the ECNL Futures teams once a month. This is an additional session. We made the strategic decision to use tournaments as a venue for providing extra matches instead of participation in the NPL league because it provides greater flexibility for our scheduling, a greater level of control over leveling (the goal is to provide a challenge in a context that the girls can still find success) and for older players, it can provide a greater degree of college exposure. 


Pathway, Benefits & Fees

The Select program is the bridge between Competitive Local programming and our ECNL Futures programs here at the Charlotte Independence Soccer Club. They will have the chance to play higher-level competition and train alongside the level above them to better ID them for future advancement through the pathway. All of this happens while also getting quality development opportunities with their Blue level teams as well on a constant basis. 

Visual Pathway

Program Benefits:

  • Extra training sessions
  • 4 extra tournaments
  • Bridge to ECNL Futures program
  • Highly licensed staff
  • All tournament fees, and coaches’ travel expenses - there are no ’team fees’ associated with the Select program. 


2020-2021 Dues

Program Staff

National Program Coaching Assignments



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