Welcome to our College Recruiting Guide page! Here you will find useful information on your recruitment journey. The College Recruiting Process is different for every player. This guide is to help aid players and parents as they navigate College Recruitment starting as a High School Freshman all the way to a Senior in High School. The college recruitment process is an evolving process that requires players and families to be proactive as they search for the best college fit. Look below for important considerations for each player, what you should be doing in each year of high school to prepare, and a host of other important links for information! Have questions? For our Girls College Director, reach out to Greg Ashton at grega@independencesoccer.club. For our Boys College Director, reach out to Shane Carew at shanec@independencesoccer.club.

There are 4 topics that each player and family must take into consideration when looking for the right fit for their player; Academics, Athletics, Social, and Financial. Once you read about these considerations below, click on the corresponding year of high school to see what you should be doing about each one of these given the year! 

Academics Athletics Social  Financial 

•What do you want to study?

•How good is the University in that area?

•Grade requirements? 

•Be Realistic-Challenge yourself

•Current players on the team, players in your position

•Consistency in the program, coaching

•See college games in person

•Physical look of the school

•Athletic facilities

•Size of school

•Surrounding area

•Get to know coach/assistants

• Financial limitations?

•Honest conversations with parents/player

•Financial Aid

•Athletic/Academic Scholarship


•Can the school combine both?

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