Games (8v8)
  1. All divisions play on Sunday nights
  2. Each team will play 8 regular-season games and teams that qualify will have a playoff to determine a League Champion
  3. Rain-outs will be made up as determined by the League Director  
Equipment & Uniforms
  1. Shin guards are MANDATORY.
  2. Molded cleats or tennis shoes are the only allowable footwear. NO METAL CLEATS ARE ALLOWED. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  3. Teams must wear approved Charlotte Independence home and away tops.  Tops are purchased by players.
  4. Shorts and socks are the player’s choice.
Game Duration
  1. Teams will play two 25-minute halves with a two-minute half time.
  2. There will be a coin toss at the start of every game. The team that wins the coin toss at the start will have first choice to kickoff or choose a goal to defend.
  3. The referee will start each game time as scheduled. Play will begin as soon as there is a minimum of 4 players (3 male, 1 female) on the field.
  4. Time will run continuously, except for serious injuries.
  5. Teams will be given ten minutes after the scheduled start time (but game clock will be running) of the match to present the minimum of 4 players, required for a match.
  6. If a team fails to present the minimum of 4 players (at least 1 female)  after the ten minutes have past, they will be issued a forfeit.
  7. There will be no overtime periods, or shootouts in the regular season, only during playoffs. 
Player Eligibility
  1. All players must be registered through the Charlotte Independence database or registered as a “guest player”. All “guest players” must be registered with the director 48 hours prior to the kickoff of the scheduled game. 
  2. Teams are allowed to purchase 2 “guest player passes” for the season at $25 each.  Guest players may vary but must be checked in by the referee before the game.  NO “guest player” is allowed to play after week four of the regular season.
  3. Members can only play for one team/per season.  (If players want to play a second game they can play in the open pickup game.  There will be a open pickup game at 6:00pm and 7:00pm ONLY)
  4. Players may be asked to provide a photo ID as proof of identity.
  5. There is a maximum of 8 players on the field (one player must be a female). 
  6. Players are allowed to substitute on any dead ball that results in a throw in, goal kick, or if a goal is scored.
The Game
  1. Kickoffs: Consists of the ball being placed at midfield and the ball can go forward or backwards.
  2. All kicks are direct. There are no indirect free kicks.  Infractions in the goal box are to be awarded as a penalty kick at the top of the goal box.
  3. Slide Tackling: There will be NO Slide Tackling. One knee on the ground constitutes a slide tackle.
  4. As a reminder, the keeper can slide inside the box.
  5. There is no offside penalty for this league.  Cherry Picking will result in a goal kick.
  6. Goal keepers are not allowed to punt or drop kick the ball.
  7. Teams will change direction at halftime and alternate kickoff.
  8. Teams that no show will be issued a forfeit and NO RESCHEDULE WILL BE GIVEN.
  9. All other rules will mirror FIFA as closely as possible.
  10. A red card will result in a 1 game suspension, 2nd red card will result in termination from the program and no money will be refunded.
  11. If a player receives a red card the player is banned from playing on any other team while the suspension is being served.
  12. A player that receives a red card for the offense of "foul and abusive language", "Persistent infractions of the rules after receiving a caution (yellow card)", "violent conduct" (including, but not limited to: spitting, threatening, continued rough play, etc.) will be suspended as outlined above and, in addition is subject to further disciplinary action as deemed by the program director.
  13. "ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY" anyone fighting will be ejected.  Anyone threatening or stalking another player, assaulting an official, staff or spectator will be ejected, terminated from the league and reported to the local authorities.
  14. The program director or acting staff reserves the right to terminate an individual's and/or team's participation in the league for violation of the rules and policies.
Schedule & Standings
All schedules and standings will be posted online prior to start of the season. Standings will be updated weekly within 72 hours of last game. The playoff schedule will be created after the final week of the season and posted online. Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win or forfeit, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. 
The top 8 teams from each division will qualify for the playoffs.  Playoffs are single elimination. Only players that are listed on team roster are eligible for the playoffs, guest players are not allowed to play during the playoffs.  If the score is tied at the end of regulation there will be a sudden death overtime period of five minutes. If still tied, we move to “PK’s.”   Each team will select 3 shooters.(must include one female) to participate in the shootout.  The players must have been on the field of play at the end of regulation.


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