As a volunteer coach, you play a large role in developing a community of soccer enthusiasts by our side! If you have ever played soccer, even if you haven't laced up cleats in more years than you'd admit, you are a soccer player. Similarly, if you have sat in the stands of a soccer game, been coached by your own parent or neighbor, you know what it is to be a soccer player. If you have played any other sport, or been a fan, you know that the physical or technical skills are only one trait, among many other valuable development opportunities provided by sport. 

While heavy oversight and continued education are provided by the club, we do rely on participation from our community to support the evergrowing Recreational Leagues. If you are interested in joining the club, supporting your neighborhood, creating a family on the sideline, please reach out to us by completing the quick interest survey linked here.


After succesful completion of background checks and safety training, the following oversight and benefits are provided by the club...

  • Each coach receives an equipment package
  • Each coach receives a K.I.N.G.S. coaching shirt
  • 8 – week session plans package provided to each coach
  • Preseason and midseason coaches’ meeting


  • Each coach receives an equipment package
  • Each coach receives a Y.D.P. coaching shirt
  • 9 – week session plans package provided to each coach
  • “Spoke-and-wheel” Training model with professional coach on site at every training session for oversight / assistance / demonstrations, etc.
  • Preseason and midseason coaches’ meeting


  • Each coach receives an equipment package
  • Each coach receives an Independence Rec coaching shirt
  • 9 – week session plan ideas package provided to each coach
  • 4 coaches’ meetings



What former and current coaches had to say when asked, "WHY DO YOU COACH?"


It's fun to watch the kids progress in skill and the conversations during huddles are awesome!


I coach to follow the examples and share the values that my coaches taught me.


To foster the values of teamwork, communication, good sportsmanship, and hard work in my son and others. Seeing him out there making friends and having a blast doesn’t hurt, either.


Because I love soccer and everything it meant to me when I was growing up, and I hope to inspire the love of the game in my daughter and other children


Before I sat on the sidelines. I was there but not there. Coaching or assisting in coaching allows me to "be there, physically and mentally". To form a bond with my children, to watch them grow in so many ways. To keep interest, to form bonds with other players and their parents.


My favorite part of coaching is watching each player develop throughout the season. Improving every player's skill set is my main goal. I haven't done my job if every player doesn't finish the season better than they started. Nothing is more rewarding than watching a player score their first goal, block a perfect shot or put a header in the back of the net. I also enjoy seeing each player develop life skills. This is another opportunity each coach has throughout the season. I like to discuss some of my personal triumphs and failures with each team. We all go through similar periods in our lives. Hopefully, all of the players will learn how to handle certain situations, and succeed more often than they fail. THIS IS WHY I COACH!


It allows me to spend time with my daughter as well back to the community and sport I love to future generations.


I enjoy the sport and being with my kids. It’s great to create a team with your friends.


I first signed up to coach at my son's request. What I did not anticipate was a tremendous feeling of accomplishment watching the team grow over the course of the season. Seeing things we work on in practice show up in games was tremendous to see.


I coach to help build sportsmanship and self confidence in young athletes. The relationships built on the field can last a lifetime and it is such a joy to watch young players grow as athletes and citizens.


The reason that I coach is that it allows me the opportunity to to one be able to have a bond with my son as I had with my father when growing up playing youth sports. But most importantly it gives me the opportunity to give back to my community in a small way by volunteering my time in hopes that I can be a role model and have a positive impact on all the kids that I have had the chance to work with in their future endeavors.


So that my daughter has a team to play on? Ok, that was how it started for me many seasons ago. Since then I personally found the joy of soccer for myself, new to the game, the challenge of learning something new, many times along with the girls. I even took up to play myself in the league to learn the game. With all that said, the enjoyment of winning a game and managing the sorrow of the loses, we had many of those. But with the loses we learned together what we, as a team, needed to improve and come back the next game even stronger. It is something that I will never forget, and I probably learned more than the girls on the team. Coaching is an experience everyone should try, a new respect can be gained for all those that coach out there! Lastly, playing soccer with the kids was a blast, especially the excitement and competitiveness you see at the end of practice when you scrimmage, especially when the coaches get in the game!


I've spent my entire life playing soccer. To me, it truly is the "Beautiful Game". It connects people from every community, gender, age group, and social background. Lessons learned on the pitch such as communication, respect, teamwork and hard work translate all through life. These are the things I teach my own children, and the players on my team. My hope is they take what I've taught and spread the message as well.


I started coaching as a way to spend more time with my children, but now, I do it because of all of the other children I get to work with and help progress and increase their love of the game. I have coached for 10 years (20 seasons) with the club and can’t tell you how many times I’ve run across former players outside of the fields and had great conversations with them and their parents. I coach because I want to make a positive impact on players and their families in the community.


Because someone coached me so I know what I know today.



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