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Pro Academy Director- Jeff Bilyk
Pre-Academy Director-Brandon Michaels
Age Group Coach Assignment
2004/2003 Nate Walzer
2005 Brian Haynes
2006 Jeff Bilyk
2007 Shane Carew
2008  Shane Carew
2009  Ty Haddock
2010 Pre-Academy North Ty Haddock
2010 Pre-Academy South Dan Ridenhour
2011 Pre-Academy North Phil Dobbing
2011 Pre-Academy South Brandon Michaels

Boys ECNL Director- Dave Carton
Age Group Coach Assignment
2004/2003 Kenny Halas
2005 Dave Carton
2006 Santiago Jimenez
2007 Jonas Richardson
2008 Brandon Michaels
2009 Jonas Richardson

Boys ECNL Regional League North Director- Colin Gibson
Boys ECNL Regional League South Director- Tom McEnery
Age Group Coach Assignment
2004/2003 North Scott Flowers
2004/2003 South Cesar Robles
2005 North Scott Flowers
2005 South Cesar Robles
2006 North Bobby Rosario
2006 South Tom McEnery
2007 North Bobby Rosario
2007 South Theo Dipom
2008 North Barry Slagle
2008 South TBD
2009 North Colin Gibson
2009 South Brandon Anselmo

Lake Norman 
Age Group/Level Coach Assignment
*2004/2003 North Blue  David Crutchfield
2004/2003 Blue Fil Wilkinson
2004/2003 Silver Ali Al-Gashamy
*2005 North Blue Nick Fusco
2005 Blue Bobby Cardelle
2006 Blue Kenny Bonilla
2007 Blue Matt Bice
2008 Blue Kenny Bonilla
2009 Blue Kenny Bonilla
2010 Blue Fil Wilkinson
2010 Tan Kevin Esparza
2011 Blue Scott Mann
2011 Tan Ryan Lutrell
* Marks a team that is combined Lake Norman and North Meck

Age Group Coach Assignment
2005 Blue  Pattrik Linthakhan
2006 Blue Juan Vazquez
2007 Blue James McCulloch
2007 Tan Juan Sosa
2008 Blue Kabeni Massalay
2009 Blue Adam Williams
2010 Blue Juan Vazquez
2011 Blue Luis Santos

Age Group Coach Assignment
2003 Blue Powell Williams
2004 Blue Carlos Martinez
2005 Blue TBD
2006 Blue Khesanio Hall
2007 Blue Khesanio Hall
2008 Blue Ezequiel Villege
2009 Blue Ezequiel Villege
2009 Tan TBD
2010 Blue TBD
2010 Tan TBD
2011 Blue Luis Echeverry

York County
Age Group Coach Assignment
2003 Blue James Drzewiecki
2004 Blue Santiago Jimenez
2004/2003 Lancaster Mitchell Boling
2006 Blue Theo Dipom
2006 Tan Tim Hart
2006 Lancaster Bryan Griffin
2007 Blue Von Allen
2008 Blue Efrain Tirado 
2009 Blue Efrain Tirado 
2010 Blue Phil McCarter
2010 Tan TBD
2010 Lancaster Joel Patterson
2011 Blue Mitchell Boling
2011 Tan Jason Ripkey

North Meck
Age Group Coach Assignment
*2004/2003 North Blue David Crutchfield
2004/2003 Blue Rhem Stubbs
2004/2003 Tan Jesse DiLuzio
*2005 North Blue Nick Fusco
2005 Blue David Crutchfield
2006 Blue Nick Fusco
2006 Tan  CJ Bradley
2006 Navy Nick Cappadora
2007 Blue Rhem Stubbs
2007 Tan Jesse DiLuizio
2008 Blue Wesley Hollifield
2008 Tan Nick Cappadora
2009 Blue Drew Everhart
2009 Tan Ryan Santee
2009 Navy Nick Cappadora
2009 White Nick Fusco
2010 Blue Ali Al-Gashamy
2010 Tan Ryan Santee
2010 Navy Sam Rodgers
2010 White Ali Al-Gashamy
2011 Blue Drew Everhart
2011 Tan Sam Kakitsis
2011 Navy Jacob Ortega
* Marks a team that has combined North Meck and Lake Norman

Age Group Coach Assignment
2004/2003 Romano Paul
2008 Blue Andrew Ward
2009 Blue Romano Paul
2010 Blue Hannah Siders
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