Why Player Placement Process? In general sporting terms, the word ‘tryouts’ is commonly used. However, at the Charlotte Independence Soccer Club we use the phrase ‘Player Placement Process’ – Why? Because we have a very specific philosophy and process around player development. Our goal is to place players in an environment where they can ultimately be successful and where they are constantly challenged. Players are supposed to try, they are supposed to work hard. If you’ve been a player at the Independence then we already know what team/program you should be placed in based on your effort and performance from the previous season. You will be on an individual development plan at the club. You’ve been ‘trying’ all year. Get it?  

Non-members who want to be part of CISC are allowed to participate in specific windows of ‘tryouts’ where the technical staff evaluates them and places them in an environment to ultimately be challenged and successful. Hence we use Player Placement Process to describe how we approach forming teams for the upcoming season.


Not there yet?

At Independence Soccer Club, our top priorities are player development and member experience. To maximize this, it is important for every player to be in the right situation at the right time. Players should always be in a position where they are being challenged, while also finding success and enjoyment. 

The Player Placement Process is a multi-faceted endeavor designed to ensure that each player is appropriately placed for the coming year. While on the outside, only one or two of the steps involved in the Player Placement Process may be visible, behind the scenes there are actually numerous pieces to the puzzle being constructed by several coaches and directors for each player’s placement. The team behind the player placement includes current and future coaches, program directors of coaching, extending to coaches who coach other teams within the relevant programs. 

Players are invited to participate on a team for the coming year based on numerous factors: 

  • Observed growth and development 
  • Recent on-the-field performances 
  • Training habits and mentality 
  • On and off the field maturity 
  • Interactions with current teammates and coaches 

These factors are observed and collected through: 

  • Coaches’ notes and team depth charts 
  • Game film, when available 
  • Individual Development Plans 
  • Player “PIMS” evaluation meetings
  • Direct game observation by coaching staff and program directors of coaching

While tryouts and/or ID sessions may be a part of the Player Placement Process for some, they are not always a necessity. The information gathered for the player evaluation process is based on observation throughout the year rather than one or two hours in a controlled session. While there will be open tryouts held on March 16 and 18, the Player Placement Process will begin much earlier, and many returning players will be offered spots on teams before these tryouts. This is a membership perk for those returning players who have shown loyalty to the club as they will get the first option to fill spots on a team. 

The open tryouts will be primarily for players who are new to the club - it is important that returning players who have already accepted a spot still attend these tryouts as it helps to get an accurate picture of each new player’s level. Returning players who have been offered a spot may choose to defer their acceptance and attend the tryout to be looked at further. While they will be fairly evaluated, and may be offered a different spot, their original offer will no longer be guaranteed if they choose to enter the open tryouts.  

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