Check out the coaching assignments for Senior Girls' 20-21 season below! If you do not see your team below check back later for the updated list of coaching assignments coming out soon for the rest of the Senior Girls! 


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Program  Age Group Coaching Assignments
ECNL 2002/2003

Dave Carton / Asst. Neil Roberts

ECNL 2004

Rusty Scarborough / Asst. Greg Ashton

ECNL 2005

Greg Ashton / Asst. Rusty Scarborough

ECNL Futures North 2002/2003

Chad Metzler

ECNL Futures North 2004

Adam Tipper

ECNL Futures North 2005

Jimena Rojas

ECNL Futures South 2002/2003

Kalla Stark

ECNL Futures South 2004

Matt Danaher

ECNL Futures South 2005

Matt Danaher

NPL 2002/2003

David Crutchfield

NPL 2004

Scott Flowers

NPL 2005

Pat White


  Local Programs
  Program  Age Group Coaching Assignments
Lake Norman LKN Blue 2002/2003

Adam Tipper

LKN Tan 2002/2003

Nick Brown

LKN Blue 2004

Nick Brown

LKN Tan 2004

Bobby Cardelle

LKN Blue 2005

Fil Wilkinson

LKN Tan 2005

Kenny Bonilla

North Meck NM Blue 2002/2003

David Crutchfield

NM Tan 2003/2003

Rob Bolar

NM Blue 2004

David Crutchfield

NM Tan 2004

Scott Wolfe

NM Navy 2004

Mucho Masiyiwa

NM Blue 2005

Rhem Stubbs

NM Tan

2005 Mucho Masiyiwa

NM Navy

2005 Nick Cappadora
York County YC Blue 2002/2003

Khrys Dundar

YC Blue 2004


YC Blue 2005

Luis Rueda

Matthews MAT Blue


Pat White


2002/2003 Jon Brabson

MAT Blue

2004 Brittany Downs

MAT Blue

2005 Jeff Jarrett
West GC Blue 2002/2003

Rich Lewandowski

GC Blue 2004

Jonny Hoover

GC Tan 2004

Dave Shearer

SC Blue 2005

Luis Rueda

GC Blue

2005 Kenny Jaramillo
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