Accuvision Eye Care Independence Cup presented by Novant Health

Independence Cup


The Accuvision Eye Care Independence Cup presented by Novant Health is in the books. 275 teams participated in what was a fantastic weekend of soccer in the South Charlotte and York County area. If you were lucky enough to be out at any of our 7 venues that were hosting the tournament you were treated to some fantastic close games, dominating performances, and even some dramatic finals decided by penalty kicks! Each venue was manned by not only our professional staff but also by a certified Novant Health trainer in case of any injuries. Accuvision Eye Care also provided onsite engagement to enhance our visitors' experience. 


Chad Metzler, Charlotte Independence Chief Operations Officer, had this to say about the event,

"We were pleased with the success of the first-ever Charlotte Independence Soccer Club tournament - the Accuvision Eye Care Independence Cup, powered by Novant. We had a great response with over 350 teams signed up, and despite having a significant number of teams unable to attend because of Hurricane Dorian, we still were able to host games for 275 teams. The weather and fields were great and we saw a lot of fantastic  competition. Thank you to all who participated and volunteered. And a special thank you to Novant Health for providing athletic trainers at all sites throughout the weekend."


Charlotte Independependence was well represented in most of the finals for the weekend with a whopping 43 teams representing our club in the finals of their respective age groups! Congratulations to all the champions and teams that participated this weekend and helped make this tournament a success! Check out the finalists and champions below. 

Teams marked with a * mark are bracket champions


Boys Finalists Girls Finalists
    CISC 11 South YC Tan

CISC 11 South YC Blue

CISC 10 South YC Blue

CISC 10 South YC Tan *

CISC 10 South YC White

CISC 09 South YC Blue *

CISC 10 South YC Tan *

CISC 09 South YC Futures

CISC 09 South YC Pre-DA Blue

CISC 08 South YC Blue*

CISC 09 West SC Blue

CISC 08 East Cab Blue *

CISC 09 South YC Tan

CISC 08 West GC Blue

CISC 08 South Pre-DA Blue *

CISC 08 North LKN Blue

CISC 08 South Pre-DA Tan

CISC 08 South YC Tan

CISC 08 North NM Blue


CISC 07 North NM Blue *

CISC 07 North NPL

CISC 06 North ECNL

CISC 07 North NM Tan

CISC 06 East Cab Blue

CISC 06 West GC Blue *

CISC 04 South YC Tan *

CISC 06 East Cab Blue 

CISC 03 South YC Blue


CISC 03 South YC Tan

CISC 05 North NM Tan *

CISC 01 South YC Tan *

CISC 04 West GC Tan *

CISC 01/02 South YC Blue *

CISC 04 North LKN Tan 


CISC 03 North NM Blue *


CISC 03 South Matthews Blue


CISC 01 North ECNL *


CISC 01/02 North LKN Legacy *


CISC 02/03 North


CISC 01/02 North NM Tan




Erin Lykon

Director of Marketing & Branding
Charlotte Independence Soccer Club

704-899-4619 Email Erin

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